Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I am but one man. I am the voice of my people. Whatever their hearts are, that I talk. I want no more war. I want to be. You deny me the rights of a white man. My skin is red; my heart is like any man's heart; but I am a Modoc. I am not afraid to die. I will not fall on the rocks. When I die, my enemies will be under me. Your soldiers began (fighting) me when I was asleep on Lost River. They drove us on these rocks like a wounded deer. I have always told the white man heretofore to come and settle in my country; that it was his country and Captain Jack's country. That they could come and live there with me and that I was not mad with them. I never received anything from anybody, only what I bought and paid for myself. I have always lived a humble life like all men, and wanted to do so. I have always tried to live peaceably and never asked any man for anything. I have always lived on what I could kill and shoot with my gun, and catch in my trap.

Kintpuash (Captain Jack) Last Free Chief of the Modoc’s

Monday, June 19, 2017

The bag of winds
Long ago the Wind did much damage, blowing violently over the country of the Indian. Moreover, it often killed many people and destroyed much property. At that time there was a man who lived near Tulelake, and who had three sons.
The youngest was very ambitious, and fond of trying to do wonderful things. One day he said to his father and brothers, "I will snare the Wind"; but they laughed at him, saying, "How can you do that? The Wind is unseen." However, he went out and set a snare.
He did not succeed for several nights, as his noose was too large. He made it smaller every night and on visiting his snare one morning, found he had caught the Wind. After great difficulty, he succeeded at last in getting it into his blanket and made for home with it where he put it down. He told his people that he had at last captured the Wind.
They laughed at him. Then to verify his statements, he opened one corner of the blanket and immediately it began to blow fiercely and the lodge itself was almost blown over.
The people cried to him to stay the force of the Wind, which he did by again tying up the corner of the blanket.  At last he released the Wind on the condition that he would never blow strongly enough to hurt people in the Indian country again, which promise he has kept.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Modoc Nation Gathering 2017


JUNE 23rd, 24TH & 25TH   


If you do travel through or visit the Lava Beds National Monument be sure to show your Modoc Nation I.D. card and you will not be charged admission through.    Eagles Nest advises you not to drive on Forest Service Roads to get to them even if that is what your GPS unit recommends. About the 28 mile marker on Cal Hwy 139 take Tionesta Road - County Road 97 west 2.5 miles to County Road 97A. Make a left turn and proceed to the end of the road. Both of these streets are paved until you enter the park. Eagles Nest tent camping is $5.00 a day per person. RV Parking full hookup is $20 a day for 3 people (electricity extra) Contact Eagle Nest for exact information be sure to tell them you are with The Modoc Nation. Their e-mail is Phone: 530-664-2081  Contact people are Craig and Barb,  please make your own arrangements for your stay with them.  They have fire pits and wood to buy for the campers, Electric and sewer for the motor homes, with pull through driveways and a patch of grass. Ice will be available to purchase too! You can also bring your own firewood.  Campgrounds reserved Fri-Sunday!  

Schedule of Events:   Saturday Potluck/ Gathering 12:00 PM Followed by a General Council

Informal meeting, question and answer.  Bring a dish for the Potluck so we can all enjoy the time together.  Bottled water and Soft Drinks will be provided. Bring anything else you would like to have for yourself.   Please remember no Alcohol or Drugs!   Also this is a Peaceful Gathering!   Any trouble makers will be asked to leave and escorted off the premises from our Sargent of Arms! Crafts for the Kids! 

Please remember this is desert area close to the Lava Beds National Monument.  Bring Food and shelter for you and your family.  Think Camping!     

Please bring chairs for you and extra if you can. If you have a few tables, shade tents please contact it would be greatly appreciated. There are no shade trees in the area so shade is at a premium.   Please contact Chief Greywolf   e-mail: