Friday, November 11, 2016

Have a Blessed Veterans Day!

You Don't Know Jack!

There seems to be some confusion on who Captain Jack is!
Before the Meeker Massacre and before the Battle of Milk Creek was
a Modoc Chief named Captain Jack by Judge Steele known as Kientopoos.
Some have used the likeness of Nicaagat, (Jack) of the White River Ute Tribe thinking it was
the same person as Captain Jack of the Modoc Tribe from Oregon and California.  This is not true and is an injustice to both of people being confused.  I have posted pictures below of Nicaagat from the Ute Tribe. 

“The Battle of Milk Creek began on September 29, 1879, in northern Colorado, and lasted several days as the United States Army and warriors of the White River Ute tribe engaged in what was to be one of the last true battles of the so-called Indian wars.”
“By September 25, Thornburgh having been given only the vaguest of orders and possessing an equally imprecise knowledge of the situation at the Agency, dispatched a message to Meeker informing him of the column's location and requesting Meeker meet him on the trail for a strategy session. On or about this same date cavalry outriders reported seeing mounted Ute warriors in the distance; the buffalo hunters under Nicaagat, or Captain Jack, a young part-Apache sub-chief at the agency who had been raised by Mormons and served as a scout under General Crook.”
“Ultimately, the army failed to prevent the Meeker Massacre and the Utes lost their horses and lush mountain reservation and in 1881 were removed to the Utah desert. The army and militiamen lost thirteen dead and forty-four wounded, most of them in the first twenty-four hours of the engagement. Eleven soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor and approximately thirty were decorated for heroic conduct in one of the most decorated battles of the Indian wars.[10] Chief Jack estimated that nineteen warriors were killed and seven were unaccounted for[11] though other sources say the Utes lost thirty-seven killed in both the Meeker incident and the battle”
Pictures Below are of Nicaagat or known as Jack some called him Captain Jack,
Sub Chief of the Ute Tribe.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shayy Lee will be holding our Nation's Flag at the California State Capital. Thank you Dear Sister! Modoc Blood breaks all the barriers! One Nation,One Tribe, Modoc Nation!